The Musician and the Mouse

One time a man played a piano and millions of people were there. It was really good music people loved his good music. Then a mouse interrupted the musician made a weird face. The audience laughed. The musician kept on playing the mouse interrupted this time the musician tried to catch the mouse. The musician didn’t. he kept on playing. It was good musician grabbed some dynamite threw it into the piano it exploded there was a lot of green smoke.  The smoke was green because it was a really weird piece of dynamite. The musician cried he was sorry.

By Justin

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2 Responses to The Musician and the Mouse

  1. Mrs. P says:

    Wow. Exploding pianos. Intense. He was pretty uptight. I hope he found another piano.

  2. 042453 says:

    Justin I like the way you said “and people laughed at the mouse.

    You got it from Tom and Jerry did’t you?

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