Chocolate Bunny Story

Once there was a teenage girl named Xaria who adored chocolate bunnies. There once was a chocolate bunny bounding in the interior of the forest.

“Look there is a chocolate bunny on the road,” Xaria said “I want to catch it.”

She followed the rabbit, when Xaria trapped the chocolate rabbit, it pleaded, “Please put me in your freezer!!”

“I don’t know about that, I would fairly enjoy eating you.”

“Please, unless you want me to be ‘the chocolate rabbit melted in the sun’ when no one will get to eat me.”

Xaria said okay and put him away in her freezer then devoured the chocolate bunny.

By Anastacia


As it is the Easter holidays, I’ve been thinking about chocolate, Spring and rabbits! The prompt is 
…the chocolate rabbit melted in the sun…


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  1. Clare Powell (Team 100WC) says:

    Well done Anastacia. I love the idea of the chocolate bunny hopping in the forest and begging to be put in the freezer. Your use of the word ‘devoured’ is very effective.

    Thank you for your 100Wc entry.

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