… now what do I need…

Brianna and Amy decided to go for a hike for a couple days. As they started packing their back packs, Brianna read the things off a list of what Amy needed to pack — Water, food, pajamas, sleeping bag, and a tent. After Brianna finished packing, Brianna and Amy put on their packs and started hiking. When they had been hiking for about ten minutes and were starting to climb up a big mountain with a steep slope, Brianna said to Amy,” Hmmm, it seems like I’m missing something. Now, what do I need?” Then all of a sudden she remembered. “My camera!!!” she exclaimed.

About Kilina

I live in Alaska, and I am 13 years old, and my birthday is in January. I go to Nikolaevsk School, which is in a little village about a ten minute drive from where I live. It is a K-12 school, with about 76 students.
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  1. A great job, Kilina!
    Your text is very entertaining and, at the same time, informs the reader what he needs for a hiking trip.
    Well done!
    Kind regards,

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