The Homeless Puppy

One day after school I went to the post office because I was hungry. I Heard footsteps. Looking behind me I saw a puppy. I picked it up I wondered who It belong to? I Got her some food I walked back to the school  took a picture, and put banners up to sea if she belongs to anyone. It had been a weak no one claimed her so I asked my mom if I could keep her. She said yes! I was so happy because and thankful I got to keep her. I named her Lilly. I love her very much.

By Isabelle    

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3 Responses to The Homeless Puppy

  1. 042875 says:

    Dear Isabelle,
    I really like your story! It would be better if you discribed the puppy. I also like that at the end you get to keep the puppy. Happy Writing!

  2. Mrs. Stading says:

    You have great ideas, Isabelle! I can’t wait to see you grow as a writer this year. =)

  3. Kelli Hickman says:

    Isabelle this is a great start to a story. I think you should work on describing things in your story. I know that can be chalenging in 100 words. I love reading your work.

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