Christmas Temperature

Soon it was christmas then the temerature suddenly dropped and the weather was colder so we went to go buy a nice big tree for chrismas or els we wont celabrate chirstmas and it wont be fun.The next day it was christmas and the weather got warmer and we starded to open the presents and the presents we got was a lot then we went outside and played then we went to school and a lot of people told me that tommorow will be a very cold day when school was over i was worried so i went to play at home.When it was night i prayed so the weather would’nt be wors.The next day outside was warm and hot i was so proud and i coud’nt baleeve my dream came true.

by Feonilla

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3 Responses to Christmas Temperature

  1. CharlotteW (HighLawn) says:

    Well Done Feonilla, that was great! I like how you ssaid that you prayed for the bad weather to be over! You are a amazing writer! Keep it up! And don’t forget to blog!


  2. Fay (Team 100WC) says:

    Hi Feonilla,
    Thanks for this submitting this enjoyable Christmas story to the 100 word challenge. I see that you prefer warm weather – whereas I always used to wish for a white Christmas!!

  3. 045819 says:

    Nice job feonilla I did not know that you like only warm weather. What about snow it is cold. Do you like snow? I like snow. if you like snow do you like building snow men, snow forts, or snow angles. I like building those things so do like only warm weather cause snow is cold.

    From Justin

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