Happy Ever After (5 sentence Challenge #11)

One day it was so beautiful outside there was trains, boats in the lakes, bikers, and people walking with smiles on their faces, and delivery people walking around. But there was one girl who was always happy. Her name is Rosetta, she was very kind to. She worked for the elderly, and she fed ducks and birds. But one day she had to move away and she didn’t want to but her father forced her to so she did, but she was still happy.

– Sarafima

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5 Responses to Happy Ever After (5 sentence Challenge #11)

  1. Mrs Skinner (Team100WC) says:

    This is a stunning piece of writing but I think you have got a little muddled. The 5 Sentence Challenge is for young writers who are just starting out on their writing journey. This writer is really quite advanced so I hope they will try to join 100 Word Challenge. Many thanks for sharing your work for us to see!

  2. Mrs. Stading says:

    I want to know what happens next, Sarafima. And yes, you are a 100 Word Challenge writer, for sure! A prompt is posted every week so you will get some great practice at writing!

  3. Miss Taylor says:

    I’m so proud of the comments you received Sarafima!! This week we will have to work on the 100 Word Challenge. 🙂

  4. Broadway East Digital Leaders says:

    We really like your use of commas, Sarafima. Well done for lovely creative ideas.

  5. Charlotte W says:

    Dear Sarafima,
    I really like your 5 sentence challenge! You have used amazing words to describe things, beautiful! You have used amazing connectives! You are READY for the 100 word challenge DEFINATLY! I will be looking out for your entry’s and leave comments! 🙂 http://www.6d2012.highlawnprimary.net

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