The Car Stopped Suddenly

Aquille and I were riding a car. Then something appeared in front of us. It was a moose with a hat. It asked if we had chips. Then it was going to eat all the chips.  We could not get out because we did not have reverse and it was Winter time.  Then the next day he left to go find someone else with new chips. We went to the gas station and got a new bag of Doritos We walked out. It was the same moose that wanted to eat our chips again. We tried to get away. Then the car stopped suddenly.

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2 Responses to The Car Stopped Suddenly

  1. Ben says:

    Very interesting story

  2. Miss Wallis - Team 100WC says:

    Well done for taking part in this week’s 100WC. This is a very interesting idea of having a talking moose in your story. In order to improve your writing further try and use different sentence openers instead of ‘then’.

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