the chocolate world

The chocolate world

I was waiting for the new chocolate shop. I begged my mom if I could have some money for chocolate. She loaned me ten dollars. On my way I met my friends. When we got there looking at all that chocolate I did not know how to buy only one piece of delicious wonderful chocolate. It came to mind that I was given ten dollars. The clerk told me I could have everything for free if I could crack the chocolate code. I looked and took first letter of each word. It spelled the code, chocolate world.

by Junior

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2 Responses to the chocolate world

  1. MikeB (team 100wc) says:

    Junior –

    I’m intrigued – where can I find the code? Is it in the post – if so, I couldn’t find it! Maybe it’s in your imagination, instead. It’s a good idea to give people a clue when you write something so mystifying! I do like the idea of getting all of that chocolate for free, though.


  2. Mrs. Pancratz says:

    I wonder if I would have cracked the code. I hope not or I’d end up fat. If your mom loans you money to buy junk food, she’s pretty generous. Was this a specific word challenge?

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