The Milk Duds

Miss. Milk dud was in a box in a store. One day a little girl bought the box. When she got home she lifted the lid she saw Miss. Milk dud was taking a nap. An hour later she heard her milk dud friends screaming help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The girl ate each and every one slowly, but they were trapped in the box. Miss. Milk dud screamed helps me help me as she was watching her friends being eaten. She climbed to the tippy top and ran as fast as she could. The girl had eaten all of them then saw Miss. Milk dud and ate her……
by izzy

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1 Response to The Milk Duds

  1. Mrs. Stading says:

    Ah, the life of a Milk Dud! That would be terrifying to be the last one and watch everyone else’s demise. Nice job.

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