once upon

Once upon time there lived a king and queen they had a daughter. They lived in Russia they had a broken bridge. The evil man destroy the bridge. The people live in the bridge. It was summer in Russia and they swam in the lake. There was little tiny fishes in the lake. They loved the bridge. One day a prince found a bridge. And the graders let the prince go to the bridge. The king and queen met the prince. The princess didn’t meet the prince yet .Then the evil man stole the princess the evil man hide the princess. Then the prince found the princes and rescued the princes. Then the prince tolled the graders to put the evil man in jail. The king and queen was happy and they let the prince get married to the princess. They got married they live happily ever after. The end

By Lukia

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2 Responses to once upon

  1. Mrs Stones (Team 100WC) says:

    Hi Lukia,

    Thank you for entering the 100 Word Challenge this week, I enjoyed reading your writing. I hope you enjoyed writing it too. You’ve used the photograph to write your own traditional fairy story, I love it!

    Well done!
    Mrs Stones – Bradford, U.K.

  2. Mrs McG (Team 100WC) says:

    Hi Lukia,

    I really enjoyed reading your 100WC this week. You write a great fairy story about the prince and princess. I’m pleased that the prince managed to save her from the evil man and that they lived happily ever after.

    Keep working hard on your writing.

    Mrs McG (Team 100WC)
    Derbyshire, England

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