the chocolate world

The chocolate world

I was waiting for the new chocolate shop. I begged my mom if I could have some money for chocolate. She loaned me ten dollars. On my way I met my friends. When we got there looking at all that chocolate I did not know how to buy only one piece of delicious wonderful chocolate. It came to mind that I was given ten dollars. The clerk told me I could have everything for free if I could crack the chocolate code. I looked and took first letter of each word. It spelled the code, chocolate world.

by Junior

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The Car Stopped Suddenly

Aquille and I were riding a car. Then something appeared in front of us. It was a moose with a hat. It asked if we had chips. Then it was going to eat all the chips.  We could not get out because we did not have reverse and it was Winter time.  Then the next day he left to go find someone else with new chips. We went to the gas station and got a new bag of Doritos We walked out. It was the same moose that wanted to eat our chips again. We tried to get away. Then the car stopped suddenly.

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Ghost Car

“For some reason the car stopped suddenly. I don’t know why” said Nick to his friend.  “Here’s how it went.  We passed a very big tree then the car just stopped and then for some reason we all got smacked in the face and then we all got knocked out and then we got smacked in the face again and then we said alright and then I smacked the ghost in the face. Then the ghost said alright, I’m sorry for haunting your car. Then he slammed the door and the car went dawawawa.  Aquille came and said, “Why is your car going bowwowwowwow?”  – Aquille

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The Best Town

there was a town that had rich people. These rich people can Buy any thing. they had cars boats and arves. they had cattl and chickins. they Lived haply ever after.


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The Temperature Drops Automatically

One day  something just happened in the CDC’s lab. The temperature dropped suddenly and it started getting cold. Then the other CDC’s around the world were warm and the CDC that the other CDC was very cold and everything froze up until a generator came on and warmed up the CDC’s rooms. And it was all done and then it dropped again and then the generator got all frozen up that it couldn’t get through.  And then they put ten of the generators in and then it warmed it up again and then it did it again and there was only one place that was warm.  – Aquille

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The CDC Comes to the Village

The village was nice and non diseased until the disease came one day. Then the CDC came and discovered the disease. The disease was called Central Disease and was so bad that it was spreading all over the earth. The CDC was all around the world. We survived!


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Happy Ever After (5 sentence Challenge #11)

One day it was so beautiful outside there was trains, boats in the lakes, bikers, and people walking with smiles on their faces, and delivery people walking around. But there was one girl who was always happy. Her name is Rosetta, she was very kind to. She worked for the elderly, and she fed ducks and birds. But one day she had to move away and she didn’t want to but her father forced her to so she did, but she was still happy.

– Sarafima

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world at war

there was a soldier that was at war and a guship came by.  Then a rocketlauncher shot the gunship down.  The soldier got caught under the gunship and he pull and pull and he got out.   it was riten by Aquille

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One day a little girl name Kate. She found a key in a grass. She said” what does this key go to?” She went to her backward and started playing a game with it. Her best friend Bella came over. Kate set the key on her desk. Bella came in Kate’s room and saw the key. Bella asked who’s key is that. Kate said” I found it on the grass.  Bella thought that the key might have been hers. Bella said” I think that’s my key.” It actually was Kate said” if it’s yours you can have it. Then she took it.

by Justina

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Dogs v. Cats

Read Justin’s “Dogs VS Cats” over on his blog!

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