One day there was a bunny named Blue. She was hopping in the forest. She was happy because she was going to see her best friend May. Suddenly there was a huge tree on fire because someone wasn’t careful. Blue was in danger she got very scared but May came and saved her. Blue said” thanks May then May said no problem”. The fire stop, May said ”that was close” they were both happy about it. From that day on they played tag, hide and seek than started dancing around crazy. Everything was great, they had so much fun.

by Justina

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3 Responses to Blue

  1. Mrs. P says:

    Nice to have good friends to get through scary times! Nice job!

  2. Mrs. Stading says:

    You have a great story about friendship here. Very good!

  3. 042875 says:

    Im glad Blue got saved and whoever started the fire should be more carful. Happy Writing!

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