The Man That Became a Wall

One day there was a man and his name was jerry, and jerry just bought a new house for a very good deal, and for some reason all the neighbors never liked or talked to him, and never even went near him or the house.

It has been over a month and none of the neighbors came to visit or talked to him, so he was planning to move the next day, and while he was packing he heard moaning and just ignored it, and just before he left the house the walls swallowed him and he was never seen again.


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Bad Weather


I have like all the storms.
It’s wrecking the place.
When volcanoes blow up they have little bubbles that go up and pop.
When they boom, they go down.
It’s raining.

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One day Godzilla was destroying the city. Then Snorlax was in his way so Godzilla tried to move him but he couldn’t. So Godzilla just left him there. Then Godzilla destroyed Spiderman’s apartment. Then Spiderman got mad then webbed Godzilla feet. Then Godzilla fell on the bridge then a stick went through his head. He died and then Mr. Turtle come out of Godzilla mouth. And Shenron too so Mr. Turtle shot his laser at Shenron he dodged it. Then Spiderman said, “Let’s fix the bridge. Because people are stuck on it.” So all of them fixed the bridge.  And everybody was happy.



by Isaak

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The Bridge

Once upon a time there lived a princess named Sofia and her mother and father named Queen Lorry and King Stefan. The king and Queen loved there daughter so much and an evil prince loved the princess and a good and normal prince that’s a warrior. One day the warrior broke the bridge and now the people can’t get to the other side of the bridge and then the next day the people built the bridge with very strong bricks and now the evil prince cant brake the bridge again also now the people can get to the other side of the bridge and then the beautiful princess and the good prince got married and lived happily ever after.


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Andrew And Emma Went For A Walk

Andrew and Emma went for a walk and they found a medium bridge. They walked on it and it collapsed. People wanted to get across the little bridge to get to their family and friends. Andrew told Emma that he will be back then he became Spiderman. Then he came and he fixed the little bridge with his webbing then he left. Andrew came back then everybody went across and got with their family and friends then they walked across the bridge. Emma and Andrew cross the bridge and they went to Washington dc.

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the bridge

Godzilla started destroying the city with King Kong. There was a bridge and there were people on it. And it was above a river and the bridge broke in half. The other part of the bridge broke and people were trapped. They are on a little part of the bridge and a meteor was coming. Goku came and turned in to a big ape and picked up Godzilla and throw him at the meteor. Vigeta turned in to a big ape and started fighting King Kong. Then vigeta killed King Kong. Then King Kong fell in the river. And people fixed the bridge and every one was safe.

by Damian

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once upon

Once upon time there lived a king and queen they had a daughter. They lived in Russia they had a broken bridge. The evil man destroy the bridge. The people live in the bridge. It was summer in Russia and they swam in the lake. There was little tiny fishes in the lake. They loved the bridge. One day a prince found a bridge. And the graders let the prince go to the bridge. The king and queen met the prince. The princess didn’t meet the prince yet .Then the evil man stole the princess the evil man hide the princess. Then the prince found the princes and rescued the princes. Then the prince tolled the graders to put the evil man in jail. The king and queen was happy and they let the prince get married to the princess. They got married they live happily ever after. The end

By Lukia

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Milk duds

One day there was a forgetful girl named Justine laid in her room. There sat a box, but when she lifted the lid there was nothing in the box. She got disappointed because she knew there was supposed to be something in the box. Justine asked everyone in her house, no one knew what she was talking about. Justine asked the last person in her house saying” I gave you that blue box, there were supposed to be milk duds in the box.” When Justine kept looking, she saw a box in her trash can. Then she remembered and said “oh wait I ate them already.”

by Justina

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The Lost Key

It all started in the keys Florida keys this girl named Jorden was going diving so she got her stuff, locked the house, and left. 3 hours later she came back and unlocked the gate but could not unlock the house.  Jorden started looking for her keys. She could not find them anywhere but she kept looking. After an hour she called a lock smith but he could not unlock the door. Jorden started looking again for her keys. Then she thought the key could not be in the kettle but when she lifted the lid the key was there so she went inside.

by Randy

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The Mysterious Box

Once there were 3 girls Justina, Izzy and Tina. We were all sitting around then we found a box it was all decorated with purple pink zebra stripes it was really cool. If i was allowed to open it I would. But of course I wasn’t aloud to so Justina was going to but when she lifted the lid glowing things flew out. Then after we know it we were all mixed up and did not know what we were doing. Then we went home and told our parents. We never got to be ourselves again. We were only mixed up but had to accept it.

by Tina

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