Birthday Dragon

A long long long time ago there was a really big egg. Inside of it was a big baby dragon. It is purple with pink polkadots. It is so cute and funny! It weighs 1 pound.  It is 50 inches. It has 2 teeth and big eyes. So so  cutie.  Can’t you imagine? It says gaga goo-goo! Hmmm haaaa. It sucks its thumb.

The dragon slowly stirred the birthday cake, mmmm!  Yummy, right!  It is her birthday.  She is 1. Happy birthday to you how old are you now you smell like monkey and you look like one too!

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3 Responses to Birthday Dragon

  1. Mrs. Stading says:

    This is a cute entry. People should know that you pulled out a meter stick in class so you could decide exactly how tall your dragon was. Happy Birthday, Dragon!

  2. Mrs. Kelli Hickman says:

    You used so much more description in this story. It was much easier to read and understand. I think you are a very good wrighter and have a great imagination.

  3. karen lasiter says:

    i luv your story izzy make another please

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