5 Sentences

A kd is riding hr lito. Dolt. A liol boy is piteng his toy bot on the wotr. A boy is luking at thu witf lawr. A lito  boy is reding a big bok.  A boy is siting on the big cher. A boy is siting. with his wiyf.

by Anastasia, 1st Grade

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5 Responses to 5 Sentences

  1. Mrs. Stading says:

    “A kid is riding her little -. A little boy is putting his toy boat on the water. A boy is looking through –. A little boy is reading a big book. A boy is sitting on the big chair. A boy is sitting with his wife.”

    I love your sentences, Anastasia! This is a great start to the year!

  2. Mrs Skinner says:

    These are really wonderful sentences Anastasia! They show me that you have looked really carefully at the picture. Well done!

  3. e10682 says:

    Anastasia (Rosie),

    You are a great detective!! I enjoyed reading your response to the picture.

    Miss Taylor

  4. Mrs. P says:

    You did pick out some great detail! Nice Job!

  5. Georgia (Team 5C) says:

    I love your sentences Anastasia! Great start to the year!

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