camals are the best

Camels are the best because they are faster and smarter than horses. They can store lots of water. They are good for a desert caravan. They eat lots of green food. When frost comes they will eat anything. Camels can travel very far in the desert. They can carry very heavy stuff a long ways. They can travel a long way. If I lived in the desert I would want a camel. They are good for a quick travel in the desert because they are good at running. Do you like a camel better or a horse? mine is a camel. Sea you soon.
By Isabelle

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  1. Mrs Redwood says:

    Hi Isabelle,
    I like your choice to use this week’s challenge words to write a non-fiction piece. You have fitted the words very well into the facts about camels – well done. In answer to your question, I have ridden both a horse and a camel but, unlike you, I prefer horses as I find them more comfortable to ride and easier to control!! Keep up your great writing for the 100 Word Challenge.
    Mrs Redwood (Team 100WC)

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