The Lasting Train

There was a train the train driver is a nectarine and they went to a tunnel it is a long tunnel and they came out in a 1000s of years everybody was dead because they never had food or water  they we trapped because it kept going and never stopped so  they died and aliens found the train 1000s years win the train stopped and had a party and big time rush was there to sing for the party and Beyonce said this is the best party and the train it was rusty and the aliens tried to move the train didn’t move.

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2 Responses to The Lasting Train

  1. Mrs. Pancratz says:

    This is random. Is this a word challenge story? Can you tell me about it?

  2. Mrs. Kelli says:

    I liked your idea of the train, but it was hard to read without periods. Your ideas also jumped around. Try completing a thought or idea before moving on to the next.

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