The Lost Key

It all started in the keys Florida keys this girl named Jorden was going diving so she got her stuff, locked the house, and left. 3 hours later she came back and unlocked the gate but could not unlock the house.  Jorden started looking for her keys. She could not find them anywhere but she kept looking. After an hour she called a lock smith but he could not unlock the door. Jorden started looking again for her keys. Then she thought the key could not be in the kettle but when she lifted the lid the key was there so she went inside.

by Randy

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2 Responses to The Lost Key

  1. Carol100WC says:

    Randy, what was the kettle doing outside the house? The ending was almost surreal for this reason. Also, how did she unlock the gate without keys? It made me think. Good spelling and punctuation almost all of the way through.

  2. Mrs. Stading says:

    I, too, wonder about the kettle. I know you tried a lot of words to get to that one. Perhaps you could write a short prequel to tell how the kettle got outside. Nice job!

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