Milk duds

One day there was a forgetful girl named Justine laid in her room. There sat a box, but when she lifted the lid there was nothing in the box. She got disappointed because she knew there was supposed to be something in the box. Justine asked everyone in her house, no one knew what she was talking about. Justine asked the last person in her house saying” I gave you that blue box, there were supposed to be milk duds in the box.” When Justine kept looking, she saw a box in her trash can. Then she remembered and said “oh wait I ate them already.”

by Justina

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3 Responses to Milk duds

  1. Steve Harper-Travers 100WC New Zealand says:

    Hi Justina,
    You have written a great story this week. I thought your sentences flowed together really well. How terrible to have such a bad memory – it was a great idea, very unusual.
    Remember that when you are writing speech the first word has a capital letter.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Mrs. Stading says:

    Great take on the prompt, missing the Milk Duds and then forgetting that they’ve already been enjoyed. Such a forgetful girl!

  3. 044594 says:

    i really like it justina! i liked how the name was colse to yours and how you forgot that you already ate the milk duds.. from kerianna

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