Andrew And Emma Went For A Walk

Andrew and Emma went for a walk and they found a medium bridge. They walked on it and it collapsed. People wanted to get across the little bridge to get to their family and friends. Andrew told Emma that he will be back then he became Spiderman. Then he came and he fixed the little bridge with his webbing then he left. Andrew came back then everybody went across and got with their family and friends then they walked across the bridge. Emma and Andrew cross the bridge and they went to Washington dc.

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3 Responses to Andrew And Emma Went For A Walk

  1. damian says:

    i like your story but i donet like you story

  2. 046229 says:

    good story lukah

  3. nba 2k17 says:

    Wow because this is really goodexcellent job! Congrats and keep it up
    nba 2k17

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