the bridge

Godzilla started destroying the city with King Kong. There was a bridge and there were people on it. And it was above a river and the bridge broke in half. The other part of the bridge broke and people were trapped. They are on a little part of the bridge and a meteor was coming. Goku came and turned in to a big ape and picked up Godzilla and throw him at the meteor. Vigeta turned in to a big ape and started fighting King Kong. Then vigeta killed King Kong. Then King Kong fell in the river. And people fixed the bridge and every one was safe.

by Damian

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  1. Hello Warrior Writers,
    I am a year 5 teacher in Bowen, Australia. I was just looking through the entries for this weeks 100 Word Challenges and saw your school. One of our big blogging goals last year was to connect with a school in Alaska. Would you be interested in participating in a couple of activities together?
    Mrs Scharf

  2. Mrs DW Team 100 says:


    Thank you for sharing your story with us, it certainly had lots going on with both Godzilla and King Kong, they were a interesting combination to have a friends.

    Remember to check your tenses, as it’s important for the reader. ‘Throw and threw’.

    Great job. Keep it up. Hope the collaboration goes well.

  3. lukah says:

    hey damian you story was cool especially when goku throw godzilla at the meteor.

  4. 046229 says:

    good story damian

  5. Hello Mrs Stading and Class,

    Here is the link to our Padlet we have created for you.

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