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The Car Stopped Suddenly

Aquille and I were riding a car. Then something appeared in front of us. It was a moose with a hat. It asked if we had chips. Then it was going to eat all the chips.  We could not get … Continue reading

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Ghost Car

“For some reason the car stopped suddenly. I don’t know why” said Nick to his friend.  “Here’s how it went.  We passed a very big tree then the car just stopped and then for some reason we all got smacked … Continue reading

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The Best Town

there was a town that had rich people. These rich people can Buy any thing. they had cars boats and arves. they had cattl and chickins. they Lived haply ever after. -Micha

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The Temperature Drops Automatically

One day  something just happened in the CDC’s lab. The temperature dropped suddenly and it started getting cold. Then the other CDC’s around the world were warm and the CDC that the other CDC was very cold and everything froze … Continue reading

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The CDC Comes to the Village

The village was nice and non diseased until the disease came one day. Then the CDC came and discovered the disease. The disease was called Central Disease and was so bad that it was spreading all over the earth. The … Continue reading

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Happy Ever After (5 sentence Challenge #11)

One day it was so beautiful outside there was trains, boats in the lakes, bikers, and people walking with smiles on their faces, and delivery people walking around. But there was one girl who was always happy. Her name is … Continue reading

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world at war

there was a soldier that was at war and a guship came by.  Then a rocketlauncher shot the gunship down.  The soldier got caught under the gunship and he pull and pull and he got out.   it was riten by … Continue reading

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Dracula by Kirianna

Dracula Once upon a time there was a princess named princess Alisa she was treated like roil and for many years. So on the day before her 16 birthday she ran away. A week later she met a wild dragon. … Continue reading

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Dragons by Abby

Dragons are cool. They blow fire out of their mouth. Dragons burn forests. dragons try to hurt princesses. Some dragons are green and some are different colors.

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The Dragon Facts By Feonilla

Dragons can’t survive without fire. Dragons eat meat. Little dragons have small fire in there mouth. They like fire. Fire helps them to breath. – Feonilla

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